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Brighton, TN

Today, Donn Janes for Congress is releasing the results of a poll that shows precipitous drops for both Democrat Roy Herron and Republican Stephen Fincher.  After well over ten millions dollars have been spent by powerful campaigns, the voters are less decided now than they were right after the primary two months ago.

The poll contacted 630 likely voters, MOE error of +/- 4.0%, with the following results:
Republican Stephen Fincher ~ 33% (Falling 14 points)
Democrat Roy Herron            ~ 21%  (Falling 16 points)
Independent Donn Janes      ~ 7% (Up by 2 Points)
Undecided                           ~ 39%

The falling away of support is concluded from Fincher campaign's polling released on August 18, 2010.

Commenting on the poll, Donn Janes said, "This is quite remarkable!  Fincher's support has fallen to 33% from 47%.  That is 4 points lower than Herron was two month's ago and Herron has now fallen off to 21%. Early voting starts tomorrow and one out of two people are not committed to either of the two major party candidates.  This is after more than ten million dollars have been spent on this open seat election.  Voting for the 'lesser of two evils' is becoming more and more impalpable for the voting electorate.

46% of the people are not happy with either major party candidate at the time we are supposed to go vote!

Voters who are paying attention are taking a hard look at Democrat Roy Herron.  They are rightfully scared he will promote the Liberal DC agenda of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.  Senator Herron claims to be conservative but the voters know he will bow to the pressures of his party if he is elected.

They are taking another hard look at Republican Stephen Fincher and they see a nice guy who lacks competence to the point he has to make up silly excuses not to debate his opponents.  They see lobbyist holding fundraisers for him in Washington DC and then they look at the millions of dollars he has taken from taxpayers through the corporate welfare system. They know that will only worsen if he is elected. Who wants to elect the fox to guard the hen house?  Fincher also fails to take a stand on fixing Social Security, choosing instead to pander to special interest groups. Many of his own supporters admit to only voting for him because he has an R beside his name.  One of Fincher's reluctant supporters has said they will use the 'vote and vomit' tactic when they cast their ballot in November.  Even his supporters know he is not a true conservative.  Mr. Fincher claims to be conservative but the voters know he will bow to the pressures of his lobbyist and special interest groups who pay for all the commercials they see on TV and hear on the radio.

It is time that the people take their government away from the political parties that have struggled over who gets to destroy the nation first. Voting for either of these party candidates is a vote for more of the same."

Jim Tomasik

Rachael Proctor

Communications Director

Donn Janes for Congress Campaign


Donn Janes is a candidate for the United States House of Representatives for Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District. A Navy veteran and businessman, Janes is an outspoken critic of how both the Republican and Democrat Parties have continued to ignore any calls for fiscal responsibility, causing the United States to plunge deeper into debt.  


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PRESS RELEASE                                          October 12, 2010